If I were you I would listen to recommendations from TCC founder, Michelle Lees. She has practical and sound advice in the care of your loved ones. I have personally known her for 10 plus years and she has been there to provide help with compassion.

-Gera, Largo, FL.

Michelle helped me for 6 ½ years with my mom who had Alzheimer’s.

I could not have asked for a better person than Michelle.

She was very attentive, caring, and personable with my mom.

Michelle had a great rapport with my mom and my mom was always

happy and well-taken care of with Michelle.

I will always be grateful for Michelle………………….Jerry C.

Very Reliable, Very Personable……………….BJL

For those who might be seeking care for a loved person, please consider “Tender Companions Care, Inc.”  Our family has enjoyed the skills, oversight and kindness they have provided and continue to provide, as of this writing, to an elderly family member. The staff has all been very nice and well trained in their function. Tender Companions gives our family constant insight to the life changes and challenges being experienced.  Having insight allows us to determine the best approach for each issue or condition that would arise.  As a trustworthy, reliable local service, we highly recommend Tender Companions Care, Inc.   

James Clearwater, FL 5/2018

Lic.# 234820